How It Works

We set your website and system up on a domain that you purchase. The OrdersIn brand will not appear anywhere.
You will be setup with a fully functional marketing website on your own domain complete with the products, pricing and real-time interactive product demos.

Sign-Up Local Businesses

The businesses receive orders through the website you easily setup for them. They prepare the food for pickup or delivery or ship the product in the case of retail businesses.

Easily Manage Your Businesses

Or let your customers manage their business from their own account.

Pocket 100% of Your Sales

You invoice them for the online ordering services, which can be a percentage per order or a flat monthly fee.

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Who Does What

What We Do

Around the clock technology support
Support you with marketing and sales training best practices
Support you with ongoing technical training
Constantly update and manage technology

What You Do

Sign up restaurants
Establish and maintain the restaurant relationship
Execute basic promotions within your territory
Enjoy worry free maintenance and reoccurring revenue

Program Features

We provide you with everything you and your clients need to be successful.

High Recurring Income Potential

Some licensees are able to make $10,000/mo of recurring income. Although, income potential is dependent on level of effort you are provided an unlimited number of merchant accounts so there is no cap on income potential.

Low Cost of Operation

Compared to a brick and mortar business which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get started, OrdersIn only charges a flat monthly licensing fee. This allows you to have a very high profit margin with little expense.

We Support You

Everything from help with the platform to ongoing best practices and marketing training our technical and sales support team are here to ensure your business’s success.

Target Local Businesses

Your customers include everyone from Restaurants (including coffee Shops, ice cream shops, bakeries), Retailers (pharmacies, cleaners, hair salons, spas, clothing stores), Service Businesses (plumbers, electricians, cleaning services, locksmiths, gardeners) and Professionals (doctors, attorneys, accountants, tax preparers).

Complete Control

From your Admin Panel you can control everything from plans and pricing, how you get paid to managing your merchant accounts.

Software as a Service

With our turnkey platform, we take care of all the details such as uptime, maintenance, security, and support, so you can focus on your business.

Why Local Restaurants Need You to Provide Them Online Ordering

60% of customers have used online ordering online within the past year from food to retail products.
80% of small to medium sized businesses do not have online ordering.
The average merchant check goes up 35% through online ordering vs. phone ordering.
Increase in order accuracy for the merchant using online ordering vs. phone orders.
Keeps employees focused on customers in the restaurant vs. time on the phone taking orders.
Most businesses can not afford to custom build their own online ordering websites and apps.

Ask a Question or Request More Info

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